Welcome to my website. My nickname is RatcheT2498, but some people call me ratchetnumbers and I thought that'd be a better name for a website since imo numbers look ugly as parts of urls. I'm a university student studying computer science, I enjoy coding, low-level things, retro homebrew, gamedev and loads of other things. I'll hopefully be posting things like tools I make or other projects here as time will go on.

Sorry about the state of this website, it's pretty barren and sad looking, but I don't have the time to invest in making it look nicer right now :/


Sega Genesis VDP Register/VRAM Allocation Viewer

Made this because I was a bit confused on how the Sega Genesis VRAM actually works and how its registers are structured and thought visualizing it might be helpful. Hopefully the values are correct, haven't actually tested its outputs in practice (other than comparing with