Sega Genesis VDP Register/VRAM Allocation Viewer

This is a simple tool for playing around with VDP registers.

The registers which affect the resulting VRAM memory layout are highlighted in green.

You can either set a register's value directly using the Set Value column's textbox, or you can expand it and modify its constituent values directly.

The textboxes accept decimal, hexadecimal or binary values. Hexadecimal values must be prefixed with $ and binary values must be prefixed with %.

Each of the allocated segments has its own color in the VRAM viewer. If there are any white pixels, one segment is overlapping another and there is a conflict.

The viewer encodes the address in words and not bytes, thus showing 128 words per row with 256 rows in total.

There's a list of free tile regions at the bottom of the page that gets populated when you press the Calculate free tile regions button.

There's probably a ton of bugs and edge-cases I haven't managed to find, so apologies in advance.

Expand Number Name Set Value Result
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